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Safe cyber environment for the benefit of the state, business and society.

The 5th meeting of the Industrial Cybersecurity Club (hereinafter – ICS-Club) took place in Moscow on October 9, 2019. Participants represented the leading industrial companies of Russia: Norilsk Nickel, Severstal, LUKOIL, UniPro, Gazpromneft, PhosAgro, NLMK and others.

The ICS-Club members discussed acute international trends in information security as well as the role of business in building a safer cyber environment. The debate focused on practice and prospects of effective cooperation between the state and business in order to ensure reliable protection of corporate information assets.

Vladislav Gasumyanov, Senior Vice-President of public-private partnership development of the Nornickel company, emphasized in his speech that the Russian private companies are not just the observants of the current laws requirements, but also the key drivers in the process of development of the legal framework as such. It gives domestic business an opportunity to directly influence the shaping of international information security agenda.

«Only joint efforts of the state, business and the society can ensure future progress in creating a safer cyber environment and developing a unified approach to the responsible behavior in cyberspace: the state has power and necessary leverages, business has resources and expertise, the society has institutions. This partnership should be based on mutual interests. Business can initiate development of a fundamental cybersecurity environment, and this initiative will obviously attract state’s attention and support, which will ensure strong and efficient alliance», Vladislav Gasumyanov added. In order to illustrate the effectiveness of cooperation between the state and business at international level, he used the example of promotion of the Charter for Information Security of Critical Industrial Facilities in the OSCE, the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, the Central American Parliament and on other platforms.

Continuing the topic, the head of the Department of Information Security & IT infrastructure of the Norilsk Nickel company - Director of the ICS-Club Dmitry Grigoriev, noted the 5th Club meeting is a landmark: «This platform has proven its viability and effectiveness in the context of new standards of doing business and intercompany cooperation set by “Industry 4.0”. Participation in the ICS-Club gives member-companies not only the opportunity to exchange expertise on ensuring information security of their critical infrastructure, but also a benchmark for developing long-term internal strategies under the conditions of accelerated digitalization of the economy», he stressed.

In the second part of the event, which was more technical, Norilsk Nickel shared its experience of using automated network analysis systems. After that, the participants discussed the specifics of monitoring the internal networks of large enterprises and the main problems arising in this regard.