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Moscow hosted the first meeting of the Industrial Cybersecurity Club (ICS Club) – an informal network of information security officers from the Russian industrial sector. The ICS Club was founded by Nornickel.

Among the meeting participants were representatives of Severstal, LUKOIL, Enel Russia, Uralvagonzvod, Polus and other Russian industrial companies.

In his opening remarks Vice President and Head of the Corporative Security of Nornickel Vladislav Gasumyanov underlined the importance of forming a qualitatively new communication planform and said that the members of the Club are, in fact, “the think tank on developing advanced cybersecurity strategies for the Russian industry, which are effective, economically based and flexible in view of the new threats and challenges”.

“In the era of digital economy corporative divisions of IT security serve as a defense frontline for assets protection and guaranteeing uninterruptedness of technological processes. Recent cyberattacks on industrial enterprises proved the importance of your work for the shareholders and the management of your companies, as well as for strengthening national economic security system in general”, underlined Mr. Gasumyanov.

The main focus of the discussion was on the draft Charter for information security of critical industrial facilities, developed by Nornickel and aimed against the use of ICTs for unfair competition and damaging industrial infrastructure.

The meeting participants noted the thorough elaboration of the draft and agreed to provide their comments on it at the next meeting of ICS Club.

At the meeting the participants also touched upon other questions such as economy, budgeting of IT processes in big enterprises, block chain technologies, cryptocurrency in industry and opportunities of intercorporate cooperation is case of massive cyberattacks.

According to ICS Club Council member and General Director of “Severstal Management” Alexander Kirillov, in the face of continuous instability in the world markets and aggravation of competition, the cooperation of Russian industrial companies is highly important, particularly in such a crucial sphere as information security. «Modern industry is technologically advanced, that entails a certain level of safety and technical equipment to ensure the security of production. All these issues will be further discussed at ICS Club meetings”, added Kirillov.



October 20, 2017